About us

We are a non-profit making rescue and re-homing centre for cats based in Shropshire.  We have been operating since November 2013, previously having been volunteers for a branch of a national charity that was closed.  We rehome over 100 cats annually.

Our team is passionate about animal welfare and our core members are Jane, Bertie, Charli and Mims who between them organise Street Cats.   Maxine our foster mum also opens her cattery for the occasional Cat Cafe sessions, please see our Cat Cafe page for more information.  Jane, Jenny, Janet, Sue and Jen make up the rest of our team of foster mums. We also have a much valued core team of volunteers, Hazel, Pam, Penny, Trish, Bobby, Sharon and Mo and home visitors Anna, Caroline, Sally and Pam who we couldn’t operate Street Cats without.