The weather is just starting to improve and those cats will be feeling frisky again!!! Now is the time to make sure that your cats are neutered so there are no more unwanted kittens!!!! Unneutered toms also risk contracting fatal diseases when fighting with other tom cats. Neutering cats is a priority for all responsible cat owners to stop unwanted kittens and the spread of disease in the cat population. Shropshire Street Cats can help with vouchers as one of Cats Protections Advocate Charities. If you need help and think that you may be eligible for help towards neutering costs please either pop into  Nantwich Vets,  Market Drayton , Wayland Vets, Whitchurch or Pets Choice Vet Centre, Stafford Park, Telford and ask,  or email us at [email protected] or text us 0n 07443507526.

Kittens are wonderful but they grow into cats, many who are dumped, neglected or not wanted. In partnership with Cats Protection we can help. Get in touch before its too late!