Welfare tips

Kittens are a delightful addition to the family but they soon grow into large cats. Remember when you take on a kitten you are taking on a cat. Cats can live for many years and require a safe home where they are adequately fed and their medical and social needs are met. Only consider adopting a cat if it is for the duration of their life.

Advice for when you get your cat or kitten
Food: Feed your cat two to three times a day. You can feed it wet or dry food. Fresh water should always be available.

Bedding: Cats love to sleep! You should provide your cat with an animal bed or a cardboard box with blankets in. When they are sleeping, cats like to feel safe and secure, so make sure you put their bed in a quiet area of your house.

Healthcare: Your cat will need regular flea and worming which is best provided via your vet. Supermarket preparations are not effective. You will also need to ensure that your cat is inoculated against disease.

Access to Outside: If your cat is newly adopted, then make sure it has settled in before letting it outside. If it goes outside before it is settled, it may try to run away from home. Cats like to be able to go outside, but if you live near a busy road then this is probably not the best idea.

Hunting: Cats number one instinct! They can bring in anything from dead shrews to live pigeons, so be aware. If you would rather that your house stayed free of rodents and birds, then it will be better to keep your cat inside. House cats are delightful companions and bond closely with their owners

Toys: When you are out, what do your cats do? Some go outside (if they can) while others stay inside, bored and lonely. They need to be entertained. You should get at least two toys for your cat to play with. You might also want to get your cat a scratching post. They use these to sharpen their claws and stretch.

Love: Whether your cat is shy or full of it, they all need love. If they approach you, stroke them or pick them up (if they like it). Some cats will sit on your lap or beside you for hours. Stroke them, hug them and love them.